Commands for Members

A list of commands that members can use. To use a command, press the button to bring up chat (normally T), type in the command exactly as shown, and then press enter. Then click the block or item you wish to use.

Command Permission
/home Teleport home.
/sethome Set your home. Remember to only set it for places you have permission for
/spawn Teleport to spawn
/tell <username> message Private message a user
/tell <username> Begin a private conversation
/r message Reply to the last person to message you
/tell End a conversation
/ch channel Changes your active channel to ‘channel’. ooc is out of character, ic is in character (50 blocks), and wh is whisper (10 blocks)
/ch leave channel Leaves ‘channel’
/ch list Displays a list of visible channels
Other Features
/today Shows the date in common time for roleplay
right click painting Then scroll your mouse to change it. Look away to lock it
custom recipes Can be found in the spawn hub
/ur list For a list of all custom recipes
/ur view x View the recipe of x from above list