Establishing a Town

Anybody is eligible to become a mayor and start up an official town. Simply follow these steps if you're interested.

  1. Find a good location for your town and start gathering materials to build and money for protection.
  2. Build a building smaller than 32×32 to represent the architectural style of your town. This will be your town hall. Please keep buildings preindustrial and medieval in appearance. See here for help on how to build town halls.
  3. Ask a lord/admin if you can begin a town. The lord will assess your building, as well as assess your roleplaying and personality qualities.
  4. If the lord thinks you are eligible, your town will become established.
    • You will be given a mayor's permissions, but you will be able to choose from the ranks of miner, farmer, soldier, or priest. The mayor rank is invisible.
    • Tell the lord what your town will be called. Bad names will be rejected.

Mayor/Baron/Duke Commands

  • You, the town owner, will be the region owner, and can add or remove members to your town region.
    • /region addmember regionname username
      • Gives 'username' permission to edit blocks in 'regionname'.
    • /region removemember regionname username
      • Removes 'username' from the town of 'regionname', preventing them from modifying anything in the town.
    • /region info regionname
      • Will allow you to view who is a member of your town.
  • You, the town owner, will have the ability to promote your town members to citizen ranks:
    • /pex promote username
      • Promotes 'username' up one rank.
    • /pex demote username
      • Demotes 'username' down one rank.
    • Nomad (default) > Farmer > Miner > Soldier > Scholar

Questions and Answers

  • Q: Can I start a town/village without becoming a mayor or making it “official”?
  • A: No, but you can buy a region as a nomad and ask the admin to add or remove other people to and from your region.
  • Q: How big does my town start off?
  • A: Once you become mayor, you get four chunks for free (32×32) including your own home.
  • Q: How do I make the town bigger?
  • A: You can buy an extra chunk of space (16×16) for 90 dollars. For a baron or duke, this cost is halved.
  • Q: What's this 'protection' that's being mentioned?
  • A: It means that only town members will be able to actually place or remove blocks within the town region.
  • Q: How do I tell where regions are?
  • A: Right click a block with a stick to see if that block is within a particular region. An admin will mark regions out for you with blocks as you buy them.
  • Q: Can an official town have sub-regions within it for the town members?
  • A: Not yet. A town is owned by the Mayor(s) and all its members have equal rights to change things within the town. Items locked by you still remain yours, though.
  • Q: How do I join a town?
  • A: Ask a town leader to join his or her town, and if they want, they will add you.
  • Q: Can I get a refund for chunks that I've bought?
  • A: No. It's very difficult to work out and too difficult to prove who bought what.
  • Q: Can my town be an irregular shape?
  • A: Protection comes in the shape of a cube, so please try to encompass everything of the town within a cuboid shape.
  • Q: Why turn a town into a city?
  • A: A city (160+160 or larger) costs half as much to expand and the duke has the option of asking an admin to change additional flags, such as mob spawning.
  • Q: Can I buy protection without making it a town?
  • A: Yep, at the same price rate as normal. But you won't have the ability to moderate your region like a mayor or higher can.
  • Q: Can I buy protection anywhere I want?
  • A: Generally speaking, yes, but if it's near somebody else's region (especially someone intending to expand) then you need to negotiate with them who will have what. There should be at least 20 blocks between any regions as an absolute minimum. An admin won't sell land until both sides have mutually decided who will have what. Other things nearby, such as landmarks and admin buildings, will affect the likelyhood of being able to buy land.
  • Q: Can I buy protection in the Nether?
  • A: Yes, but there's a size limit of about 160×160, since the Nether is much smaller. Also, Nether protections are in no way guaranteed to be given to you, so choose wisely and increase your chances.
  • Q: Is there another way to make money as a town leader?
  • A: Yes. The town leader may ask the emperor for money on a Sunday. The amount received depends on how much that town/person is putting in to the empire. The more you contribute to the economy, the more you will get.

Chunk Prices

Area to chunks.

  • 16×16 = 1 chunk = 256m2
  • 23×23 = 2 chunks = 512m2
  • 28×28 = 3 chunks = 768m2
  • 32×32 = 4 chunks = 1024m2
  • 36×36 = 5 chunks = 1280m2
  • 39×39 = 6 chunks = 1536m2
  • 42×42 = 7 chunks = 1792m2
  • 45×45 = 8 chunks = 2048m2
  • 48×48 = 9 chunks = 2304m2
  • 51×51 = 10 chunks = 2560m2

Chunks to prices.

  • 1 chunk = 90 dollars. 45 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 2 chunks = 180 dollars. 90 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 3 chunks = 270 dollars. 135 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 4 chunks = 360 dollars. 180 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 5 chunks = 450 dollars. 225 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 6 chunks = 540 dollars. 270 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 7 chunks = 630 dollars. 315 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 8 chunks = 720 dollars. 360 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 9 chunks = 810 dollars. 405 dollars for a duke or baron.
  • 10 chunks, 900 dollars. 450 dollars for a duke or baron.