Server Rules

  1. No hacks, mods, or glitches.
    • Any change that aids in PVP/tracking, movement, or the finding/collection of materials/locations/coordinates is not allowed.
    • Don’t use glitches or exploits such as unintended game/plugin features.
    • Don't set your /sethome at dungeons, loot, private areas, or anywhere you don't have permission for.
  2. Use the chat wisely.
    • Keep offensive jokes and swearing to a minimum.
    • Be honest.
    • Don’t spam the chat.
    • No arguing or abuse.
    • Sort out serious issues privately.
  3. Be tidy.
    • Traverse terrain realistically - don't leave block pillars, stay off mountaintops, etc.
    • Chop down custom trees fully and break the custom leaves yourself; they won't de-spawn.
    • Once you have saplings, plant your own trees - the custom ones won't grow back.
    • Respect the land and treat it like a real environment.
    • No mob grinders/farms; make farms look realistic and good.
    • Unrealistic alterations may be corrected without notice: torches on the ground may vanish, unsupported structures may collapse, etc.
  4. Roleplay properly.
    • Don't mix IC (in-character) and OOC (out of character) information without having a good in-character explanation. Just because you know something, doesn't mean your character does.
    • Everything is considered roleplay unless established/agreed otherwise by all involved participants.
    • If killed, your character's life depends on the circumstance:
      • Premeditated assassinations are allowed but only if approved by the admin.
      • Murder is allowed but contestable if the roleplay is considered lacking or illogical.
      • Lawful executions are allowed as long as they are thoroughly described as such.
    • Do not intentionally avoid roleplay. This includes refusing to make a character.
    • Roleplay according to the world theme.
    • Only roleplay actions/abilities/stories that you can achieve without admin help.
    • Spawn is not for roleplay; it is an OOC area.
    • Add 'nostril' to your whitelist application response to be successful.
    • The owner may decide you have sustained injuries (especially if killed by mobs), fail certain attempts, powerplay, or get reported randomly. Be aware of decisions like this.
    • Stay out of unauthorised “enemy” zones, marked by exclamation markers on the dynmap.
  5. Don't grief.
    • Griefing is altering blocks that belong to another member.
    • Breaking a window/door/fence etc. as a part of roleplay doesn't count as griefing. This is called burglary.
    • Burglary is always roleplay, and burgling or breaking other laws in certain areas may result in you being found out by the authorities.
    • In general, you should not burgle or steal anything unless it is part of a specific quest you are doing.
  6. Keep to the theme.
    • Everything that you build should look realistic and be according to the pre-industrial world setting.
    • Use material appropriately and realistically.
    • Exceptions can be made with material that represents something else, such as snow blocks for plaster, etc.
    • Names, stories, lore, etc. should be consistent with the time period and fairly original.
    • Small fantasy elements are allowed only through the official story.
  7. Do what the owner says.

The normal punishment for a breach of rules is a temporary ban. Indefinite bans will be inflicted if appropriate.

  • Treijim: Owner. treijim(at)gmail(dot)com