With the new world come many changes.

  • Coins and dollars are separate.
    • Item coins are roleplay and should be used for roleplay transactions. The money under /money is OOC only, and does not indicate your character's wealth. It is used for purchasing things from spawn and cannot be traded between players.
  • Some lands are off-limits.
    • If a region on the dynmap has an exclamation sign as its marker, you cannot go there unless you have the permission of the region owner.
  • Skills are based on class.
    • All skills have a class name at the bottom of the description. In general, people should stick to whatever their character knows and can do. The higher tier skill you want that is not in your character's class, the more you need to do to justify having that skill.
  • There won't be a main central quest.
    • The admin's culture centred around Tylen won't be holding main scheduled quests. If you want to do roleplay here, you can ask for roleplay for yourself or get some other members together and go as a group.
  • There are many ways to make dollars.
    • Any loot item can be sold by holding it and typing /sell hand. Holding a loot item and typing /worth will tell you what the loot is worth. Loot items have orange names (common), blue names (rare), or yellow names (king). Loot items can be found while fishing, killing mobs, or mining geodes.