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-Backup stuff first. 
-  - Download and install LiteLoader onto your 1.8 Optifine version (might have to show other versions) http://​jenkins.liteloader.com/​job/​LiteLoaderInstaller%201.8/​ 
-  - Download the MSI resource pack and apply it http://​www.minecraftforum.net/​forums/​mapping-and-modding/​minecraft-mods/​1290798-1-6-2-minecraft-sound-improvement-custom-music-a?​page=6#​c114 
-  - Download the first 405kb file from here and put it in your .minecraft/​mods folder https://​github.com/​dags-/​MAtmos/​releases 
-  - Open your launcher and change the environment to whichever one you installed LiteLoader into 
-  - Run the game and press F7 to bring up its menu 
-    - There will be a loading screen on launch if it works 
-  - As an added option, you can go into the msi resource pack zip, find the msi_biome_atmosphere.json file, open it, and replace every 45m with 28m. This will adjust for the lower sea level on our world. ​ 
-    - If you don't know how to do this, download this file http://​www.distantlands.net/​wiki/​_media/​msi_biome_atmosphere.rar ​ 
-    - Extract my edited file and find the msi_biome_atmosphere.json 
-    - Open the msi resource pack you downloaded earlier (without extracting it) and find the msi_biome_atmosphere.json file 
-    - Replace the one you just found with the one I edited