Hall of Fame

A summary of those who contributed the most to the previous worlds. If you think you should be on here, send your Hall of Fame entry to Treijim.

  • Treijim. Characters: Treijim, Lady Hope, Murdock, Srafel, Ashmah (the Odanon), Ashmah, Exiom, Rapturian, Jarred, Xezisis, Kridr, Trenton, Aerona, Samael, Ashley, Crommissar, Edmond, Ace, Onuxutex, Dragon Cultist, Dragon Master, Dandre, Accreos, Au, Olston, Selari.
  • Dyre Maelstrom: Quote: “I never really liked you, Treijim.”
  • Hiro Harasuko: Quote: “We must sacrifice the good in order to save the great.”
  • Azkalvor Ezekiel: “I understand, brother. I still love you.”
  • Niri Ezekiel: “My husband built Zodian to stop even the largest armies. Let's see how it stands against the end of the world.”
  • Liamod: Quote: “No one is safe after what I have witnessed.”