Dungeons of Sea of Darkness

Spread throughout the land are many dungeons. Normally, they begin as closed, and often open once a quest relating to the dungeon has been completed. They are places where strong monsters spawn endlessly, and where loot that respawns every seven/fourteen/thirty days can be found.

Dungeon Builders

Do you want to build a dungeon for DistantLands? If so, follow these steps:

  1. Ask the admin if you can build a dungeon.
  2. Pick a place and style. These should be negotiated. Find some images that best represent what style you are going for.
  3. Pick an approximate size and difficulty. Larger dungeons take a lot longer to create and go through.
  4. Build it. You can use creative mode to build it, but you must not leave the area you are working on while in creative mode.

Rules about dungeon builders:

  • You cannot go through your own dungeon until several weeks have passed, to give you time to forget its layout.
  • The admin may alter parts of your dungeon after you complete it.
  • Loot locations and values are up to the admin.
  • Some WorldEdit help is available at the discretion of the admin.
  • You will be credited as the dungeon creator at the site and on this page.
  • You can build it with friends.
  • It may be used for roleplay purposes later on.

Dungeon Rules

Here are some things you should know about dungeons:

  1. Most dungeons are considered to be roleplay areas, and simply being near one and spotted by an admin on the dynmap may be brought into roleplay
  2. For the above reason, dungeons involving man-made structures, such as bandit camps, should not be approached by characters who are not suitable fighters
  3. If you are killed by the creatures of a dungeon and somebody sees it, they can take your death into roleplay, and an admin can roll a dice to randomly decide any wounds your character may have sustained based on circumstances
  4. Dungeons are a source of rare items, including coins, so if your character is strong enough, you may brave them as often as you dare

Dungeon Locations

Here is a list of known dungeons thus far and their approximate locations:

  • Floating Wreck
    • Level 10.
    • Catch the other boat from Arundel to the ship grave.
    • Watch out for flooded decks, narrow passages, and the infamous Barnacle Skalgen.
  • Fort Tadashi
    • Level 20.
    • Catch the boat from Kadokawa.
    • Watch out for poison spiders, Oni with fire and thorns, and stealthy Ronin. And don't heal the mobs!
    • Built by Clayton, Dan, Billy, and Jack.
  • Ancient Cave
    • Level 30.
    • Catch the boat from Hoarcliff.
    • Watch out for powerful spiders, heavy drakken with regen, and fast wights with invisibility.
  • Flooded Chamber
    • Level 35.
    • Hidden.
    • You'll probably die before you reach the end.
    • Built with Clayton's assistance.
  • Red Desert
    • Level 40.
    • Catch the carriage at Parsan from Tehran.
    • Watch out for fast-moving foes, powerful archers, and dangerous shamans.
    • Built with Ryan's assistance.