Anyone is free to donate any amount to DistantLands, but any donation comes with the option to choose a skin from the list below. These are essentially gifts you get by donating to the server to help keep it going.

  1. Custom misc. item skin and name
    • $5
  2. Custom weapon skin
    • Dagger base (small) $25
    • Iron sword/scimitar base (medium) $30
    • Spear/steel sword base (large) $35
    • Custom name included
  3. Custom bow skin
    • Bow $30
    • Custom name included
  4. Custom armour skin and name
    • Leather (clothing/light) $20
      • $30 for dye-able and fixed-colour parts
    • Chain (light) $25
    • Iron (medium) $30
    • Steel (heavy) $35
    • Custom name included
  5. Custom skin and portrait
    • Skin $30 (please provide base)
    • Avatar $10 (full-body, for your TT sheet)
    • Portrait $10 (bust only, for your TT sheet)
      • If the portrait can't use a Fire Emblem base, the cost will likely be doubled.

The following terms and rules apply:

  • To get your item repaired or recovered, ask the admin.
  • Only a certain number of adjustments are allowed (don't ask for 10 edits or for edits months after using the item).
  • Only one type of skin per donation is allowed (negotiable).
  • Your payment is a donation going directly into running the server. The received texture is a small gift in exchange for the donation, on top of the server itself.
  • If your character dies and the item ceases becoming roleplay-relevant (no chance for it to become treasure, for example), and the world has not yet changed, you can request a new texture for it.


  • Cameron
    • Steel sword: Sunraiser
    • Custom portrait x5
    • Custom portrait x1 (open)
    • Item x 2 (open)
    • Dagger: (open)
  • Clayton
    • o
  • Ryan
    • Custom portrait x8
    • Custom portrait x1 (open)
    • Custom item x4.
  • Billy
    • Custom portrait
    • Longsword: (open)
  • Jack
    • Custom portrait x4
  • Burg
    • o
  • Jamie
    • Custom portrait x2
    • Custom portrait x4 (open)
    • Custom skin
    • Custom cloak
  • Dan
    • Custom portrait x3
    • Custom portrait x1 (open)
  • Nick
    • Custom portrait x3
  • Lachlan
    • Steel sword: (open)
    • Custom portrait x4
    • Custom portrait x3 (open)
    • Custom skin (open)
    • Custom armour, steel (open)