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To add your culture page to this page, follow these instructions:

  1. Register on this website. Give your account the same name as your Minecraft username or you won't be accepted.
  2. Inform Treijim of your application and your account will be given permission to create pages.
  3. Login and come to this page.
  4. On this page, add this to the URL: /culture for example, /myrthia. The name you add should be the name of your people or culture collectively, which may or may not be the name of your region.
  5. Press enter to go to the page and you'll be taken to a page that says “This topic does not exist yet”
  6. Click “Create this page” at the bottom and create your culture page by following the template on the Myrthia page.
  7. By request, Treijim can format your page if you just type in the basic information.
  8. Tell Treijim when you have written your page, and he will add it to the list.
  9. Griefing will not be tolerated. Only edit your own page.
  10. If you want images uploaded, ask Treijim.


  1. Appearance
    1. Eye, skin, hair colour
    2. Other features
    3. Clothing
    4. Hairstyles
    5. Jewellery
    6. Distinctions between appearance of classes
  2. People
    1. Cultural sub-groups
    2. Ancestors and relatives
  3. History
    1. Pre-recorded history
    2. Recorded history
    3. Significant people or events
  4. Ecology and Resources
    1. Climate
    2. Features of the land
    3. Natural disasters and struggles
    4. Wild animals
    5. Local enemies
    6. Main resources
  5. Religion
    1. Type
    2. Focus (afterlife, individualism, sacrifice, sin, prophecies, etc.)
    3. Worship (prayer, sacrifice, meditation, celebration, offering, etc.)
    4. Associated art (sculpting, poetry, painting, parables, murals, etc.)
    5. Prevalence
    6. Holidays and events
    7. Superstitions
  6. Culture
    1. Values and standards
    2. Entertainment (music, dance, performance, games, etc.)
    3. Highest professions
    4. Discriminate against
    5. Major taboos
    6. Weaknesses
    7. Literature and education
  7. Politics
    1. Structure or type (chiefdom, monarchy, democracy, republic, etc.)
    2. Influences on power (factions, popularity, family, religion, merit, etc.)
    3. Popular issues (foreign mistrust, ethics, freedom, religion, etc.)
    4. Stability
    5. Degree of freedoms
    6. Scandals and corruption
    7. Foreign relations and perspectives
    8. Laws
  8. Economy
    1. Exports and imports
    2. Main resource
    3. Strength
    4. Distribution of wealth
    5. Currency
  9. Military
    1. Strength
    2. Focus (land, sea, etc.)
    3. Main units
    4. Recruitment (volunteers, mercenaries, drafting, conscription, etc.)
    5. Primary uses (conquest, defence, policing)
    6. Promotions (popularity, family, merit, bribery, elections, etc.)

Race Submission

Fill this section out and send it to me with your details filled in. Any race you submit will be available for play for any member. Cultural aspects can change and be reinterpreted (except the major culture type), but race/ethnicity is fixed. Note that your race will be a visitor and newcomer to this new land.

  1. Name of collective people. eg: France, Denmark
    • Adjective form. eg: French, Dane
  2. Name of supporting member
    • Member cannot be supporting or creating another race
  3. Appearance
    • Complexion
      • Black, dark brown, brown, dark, olive, tanned, average, pale, fair, white.
    • Eye colour
    • Hair colour
  4. Language
    • Real world language you’re going to use as your people’s language.
    • Names. To help anyone who wants to join the culture, what sort of names can they pick?
  5. Abilities
    • What can they do?
      • Only give abilities that you can do without admin’s help.
      • Define abilities for both common and rare mutations, if applicable.
    • What does it cost them?
      • Weaknesses should balance strengths.
  6. Life span
    • Replace these number ranges with your own.
    • Infancy 0-3
    • Childhood 4-12
    • Adolescence 13-19
    • Adulthood 20-50
    • Old age 51-65
  7. Features
    • Standard mutations (animal parts)
      • Anything that makes your people not fully human. If using animal parts, must be from vertebrates.
    • Hair type
      • Straight, curly, wavy, etc.
    • Build type
      • Bulky, slim, average, tall, short, lean, etc.
    • Possible rare mutations
      • Like standard mutations, but not appearing across all your people.
  8. Cultural types
    • The primary focus of your culture. You get the buff once you make your first approved town. You get the second/minor buff once you have your second city approved. You can have two minor types or a minor and major type, but not two major types. You also cannot have a major type as your second pick.
    • Major types
      • Maritime
        • Dry dock + ships (multi-decks, sails only, keel, 20×7 or greater)
      • Defensive
        • Castle/fortress (fortification with courtyard, gate)
      • Mercantile
        • Unique currency
      • Industrial
        • Steel forge + steel ingots (halberd, katana, spear, dagger, axe)
    • Minor types
      • Agricultural
        • +20 global food, rice
      • Militant
        • +10 total unit cap on capital
      • Scholarly
        • University + written books
      • Religious
        • Structured religion + temple
      • Spiritual
        • +20 global happiness
      • Artistic
        • Wonder + big paintings