<color red>THIS COMPETITION HAS ENDED. </color>

As a new method of inspiring creative construction, the emperor is offering resources and rewards to particular constructions. Below are all the competition categories.

The Form

This competition will differ from previous competitions. There are an unlimited number of prizes, but the maximum prize attainable will be based on a few factors. This is the basic process:

  1. You make whatever you want.
  2. You fill out the form and describe what goal you were trying to achieve.
  3. Depending on your level of ambition, your potential prize changes.
  4. The competition occurs and your entry is judged based on your goal.
  5. Depending on how close you came to your goal, you win a certain portion of your maximum prize.

It's as simple as that. These are things that will affect your potential prize:

  • Size. Minimum size = 16x16x16. Bigger wins more. It all has to be within one region.
  • Materials. More and rarer materials means more potential winnings.
  • Purpose. The more grand the purpose, the higher the potential winnings, such as a cathedral vs. a shed.
  • Style. An architectural goal and/or cultural appearance.
  • Setting. Choose its location well and make it all pretty and fitting.
  • Creative. Some members have access to creative mode. This will be taken into consideration.

This is the maximum full prize per player:

  1. 50,000 dollars in iConomy money.
  2. Two stacks of diamonds.
  3. Four stacks of iron ingots (256).
  4. (Optional) A possible promotion from mayor to baron or duke.
  5. (Optional) A free carriage/ship warp from Nidonn, if vehicles are present.

Judging Rules:

  • All judging will be done by the emperor.
  • No bribes will be accepted.
  • The emperor reserves the right to NOT select any winners.
  • All winning entries get added to the map.
  • Any lore or backstory will provide bonus points to any entry.
  • Any winning mayors or barons will be considered for a promotion.
  • Only one entry per person.