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Classes and Skills

DistantLands has classes. Professing to classes should generally go through the admin first. Levels do not carry across from class to class, but shared skills may.

These classes are for anybody:

  • Child, up to adloescence. Has very little attack strength and 5 hearts. You can level up health. Max level of 15.
  • Citizen, standard class. No penalties or bonuses.

These classes are for characters with a character column on the Data page whose characters are over 12 years of age and have a profession that matches the class.


Any melee combat role, especially with axes, swords, or blunt weapons.

  • 20 health
    • 0.45 increase per level
  • 50 mana
    • 5 increase per level
  1. Strengthen. Increase self attack+defence power.
    • Rally. lvl 10. Increase AOE attack+defence power.
      • Sword Rain. lvl 30. Strike an enemy four times.
  2. Stun. Damage and stun an enemy.
    • Shock. lvl 10. Damage and stun nearby enemies.
      • Pierce. lvl 30. Damage enemies in a line.
  3. Smash. Knockback and damage an enemy.
    • Vigour. lvl 10. Passive. Chance to regain mana and health on hit.
      • Whirl. lvl 30. Damage all nearby.


Any religious role such as monks, priests, sages, or clerics.

  • 20 health
    • 0.3 increase per level
  • 65 mana
    • 6 increase per level
  1. Cripple. Weaken enemies.
    • Disable. lvl 10. Weaken and slow enemies.
      • Meditate. lvl 30. Give immunity to poison, fire, and arrows.
  2. Slow. Slow enemies.
    • Grasp. lvl 10. Damage and stun an enemy.
      • Inflict. lvl 30. Poison and wither an enemy splash.
  3. Repulse. Push everyone away from you.
    • Harm. lvl 10. Damage enemies.
      • Ignite. lvl 30. Throw a fireball.


Any ranged combat role such as hunters, archers, rangers, or assassins.

  • 20 health
    • 0.35 increase per level
  • 55 mana
    • 5 increase per level
  1. Stun Shot. Fire an arrow that stuns.
    • Backstab. lvl 10. Damage enemies facing away.
      • Bleed. lvl 30. Cause prolonged damage to a foe.
  2. Swiftness. Speed up nearby entities.
    • Bound. lvl 10. Jump higher.
      • Counter. lvl 30. Passive. Deal damage to any attacker.
  3. Poison Shot. Fire an arrow that poisons.
    • Knife toss. lvl 10. Throw many knives.
      • Heavy Shot. lvl 30. Fire a barrage of arrows in a wide arc.


Any healing or medicinal role, whether by science or supernatural means.

  • 20 health
    • 0.2 increase per level
  • 70 mana
    • 7 increase per level
  1. Heal. Restore health splash.
    • Regen. lvl 10. Give regeneration splash.
      • Fortifiy. lvl 30. Increase max health splash.
  2. Cleanse. Cure poison and wither in an area.
    • Save. lvl 10. Pull in ally and give regen.
      • Shield. lvl 30. Increase defence splash. Briefly impervious to mobs.
  3. Mana. Restore mana splash.
    • Feed. lvl 10. Restore stamina splash.
      • Restore. lvl 30. Restore a percent of health splash.


A person with a connection with a supernatural being, recognised or unrecognised.

  • 20 health
    • 0.4 increase per level
  • 55 mana
    • 6 increase per level
  1. Blaze. Set a target alight.
    • Curse. lvl 10. Damages and withers a target.
      • Fire Rain. lvl 30. Rain fire in an area.
  2. Freeze. Damage and stun a target.
    • Rush. lvl 10. Speeds self up and reduce incoming damage.
      • Thick Skin. lvl 30. Passive. Chance to stop arrows.
  3. Charge Blast. Fire a delayed fireball.
    • Death Gas. lvl 10. Poisons nearby enemies and lowers their defence.
      • Surge Strike. lvl 30. Damage an enemy with lightning.


Anyone with experience as a spearman, guard, or similar polearm-wielding role.

  • 20 health
    • 0.5 increase per level
  • 40 mana
    • 3 increase per level
  1. Resist. Increase defence and lose speed.
    • Revival. lvl 10. Restore cooldown of allies and heal self.
      • Demolish. lvl 30. Rapidly strike an enemy ten times.
  2. Javelin. Throw a javelin.
    • Endure. lvl 10. Increase maximum health of self.
      • Lance. lvl 30. Attack enemies in a line.
  3. Lunge. Jump forward with strength, briefly invincible to mobs.
    • Hurl. lvl 10. Smash an enemy into the sky.
      • Stagger. lvl 30. Attack and slow all enemies in an arc in front.

All changed as of August 15, 2015.