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 +  - Don't take many valuable items; half their valuables is far too much. 
 +  - For common/​invaluable items, don't take all of them. 
 +  - To break into a place, you may destroy glass/​fences/​leaves.
 +    - A door made of blocks smaller than 3x3 not made of stone/metal can also be broken into. 
 +  - Don't touch paintings. ​
 +  - Don't break walls/​roofs.
 +  - Don't dig up much of any floor, and try to replace what you dig up. 
 +  - Don't take what you don't need, and what doesn'​t make sense to take in roleplay. ​
 +  - Destruction of any other kind of block should be minimally done. 
 +  - Fire/​lava/​TNT is a big NO. 
 +There are exemptions to these rules if you have permission from the owner(s) for the purpose of roleplay. ​