1. Don't take many valuable items; half their valuables is far too much.
  2. For common/invaluable items, don't take all of them.
  3. To break into a place, you may destroy glass/fences/leaves.
    1. A door made of blocks smaller than 3×3 not made of stone/metal can also be broken into.
  4. Don't touch paintings.
  5. Don't break walls/roofs.
  6. Don't dig up much of any floor, and try to replace what you dig up.
  7. Don't take what you don't need, and what doesn't make sense to take in roleplay.
  8. Destruction of any other kind of block should be minimally done.
  9. Fire/lava/TNT is a big NO.

There are exemptions to these rules if you have permission from the owner(s) for the purpose of roleplay.