Building on DistantLands

So you've joined DistantLands and want to go out and build something. You've got a few options and there are a few systems in place:

  1. Survival mode. Building without any creative mode is fully an option. All blocks can be crafted with recipes or bought at spawn with money earned from selling items.
  2. Creative mode. Purchase 1 hour of creative mode for $1000. You can pay for these in advance. They're all tracked in my notebook. Blocks you may not place include:
    1. Any ore or metal block (iron, gold, silver, coal, nickel)
    2. Geodes
    3. Obsidian
    4. Bookshelves
    5. Dusk blocks
    6. Sun blocks
    7. Regal blocks
    8. Ice
    9. Pipes
    10. Pearl blocks
    11. Gold brick
    12. Terracotta
    13. Anvils
    14. Mechanisms
    15. Porcelain pot
    16. God urns
    17. Sponge/wet sponge
    18. Crystal/glowing crystal
    19. Any items (ask just in case)
    20. Any block that hasn't been textured yet or has its default name